We’re changing our name to Via Nova Training! Our facility in Santa Fe is still called Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center. So you will attend a Via Nova (New Road) Training Workshop or Clinic at Terra Nova (New Ground!). Learn more about our 2020 Positive Reinforcement Intensive Workshops and Novice Weekend Clinics for Equestrians.

What are the upcoming event dates for Via Nova Training?

  • 2020 5-Day Positive Reinforcement Intensive Workshop dates at Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center:
  • 2020 Novice Weekend Clinic dates:
    • June 12-14 at Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center in Santa Fe NM, USA Register Here
    • June 19-21 in Los Angeles CA, USA Register Here
    • June 26-28 at Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center in Santa Fe NM, USA Register Here

Where else will Shawna Karrasch be giving clinics in 2020?

We are in the planning process for Shawna to be at Novice Weekend Clinics at Terra Nova and also in the Los Angeles area and other possible locations in 2020. Sign up for our newsletter to be first to get our 2020 Novice Weekend Clinic schedule!

    • June 19-21 at The Paddock Riding Club, 3919 Rigali Avenue, Los Angeles CA USA Register Here
      Hosted by Pat Lincourt. For questions about the local venue, nearby lodging and transportation, email lincourtstables@gmail.com

What happens at a 5-Day Intensive workshop?

For a full description see What to Expect at a First Level Intensive Workshop.

How much does an Intensive Workshop cost?

There are three price options for you to choose from for 5-day workshops at Terra Nova, two Bobcat Packages based on room type, and a non-lodging option. Santa Fe is a wonderful destination, but that means there is an extensive high season and lodging can be pricey and difficult to obtain. We’ve arranged for very good discounts at the nearby Bobcat Inn B&B which are included in the overall workshop cost. You’ll make your selection of option on the registration page for each Workshop.  The package prices vary seasonally. See 2020 Workshop Fees.

What happens at a Novice Weekend Clinic and how much does it cost?

For a full description see What to Expect at a Novice Weekend Clinic. Novice clinic prices will be announced when registration is opened.

Can I bring my horse?

For Novice Weekend Clinics and First Level Workshops, the short answer is—No. Your horse doesn’t need to learn how to use Positive Reinforcement. You do!

Your equine’s welfare is our first concern. Our goal is to teach YOU how to use Positive Reinforcement Training (your horse already knows how!) Our prior experience with teaching humans about R+ is that you’ll be entirely busy with learning and practicing yourself, and it’s far more useful for you to work with our horses at Terra Nova during the clinics and workshops. We have horses at all levels of R+ training, from untouchables, to crossovers from traditional training, to horses we are bringing along with R+ alone. The training principles we’ll teach you can be successfully applied with any equine, including yours!

Also, we don’t want anyone to force a scared or unwilling horse onto a trailer just to get to a Workshop! Much better for you to attend yourself and go home with the skills to teach your horse about trailer loading using Positive Reinforcement Training.

Where do Workshop participants stay?

Bobcat Packages

    • If you choose one of the Bobcat packages, we’re excited to announce that we’ve arranged for our Workshop participants to stay at the nearby Bobcat Inn B&B, which is only about 8 minutes away from Terra Nova. It’s cute as a button and very friendly! And their included breakfasts? To. Die. For.
    • For your travel planning, Bobcat Package Workshop fees includes check-in at the Bobcat Inn on the day before the Workshop date (always a Sunday), and check-out on the last day the Workshop (always a Friday) of the listed Workshop dates.
    • Nights outside the listed Workshop dates may be booked directly with the Bobcat Inn at a Terra Nova discount determined by the Bobcat, ONLY after you have registered for a course or workshop and received an email confirmation from clinics@terranovatrainingcenter.com.

If you choose the Non-lodging option, you’ll be responsible for your own lodging and transportation to Terra Nova daily. We’ll begin each day strictly on time whether or not everyone has arrived, so plan ahead for your driving and arrival time!

Is it less expensive if I share a room?

Yes, there is a shared room option for the Bobcat package! It is a bargain. Space is limited so register early.

What about meals?

See What’s Included in a 5-Day Intensive Workshop for a list of meals included in the Workshop.  Santa Fe also has great restaurants and food options to explore. 

How do I get to Santa Fe?

See our Transportation page for options to travel to Santa Fe. 

How do I get around during the Workshop?

If you have chosen a Bobcat Package, you’ll be transported to and from the Terra Nova facility in our vehicles on Workshop days. Because we strongly feel that a big part of the learning experience is connecting with other participants and their ideas, we discourage using your own vehicle or rental car for transport to Terra Nova on Workshop days unless you have a compelling reason. Uber, Lyft and local taxis service the Bobcat Inn for getting around town otherwise.

If you choose the No Lodging option, all transportation is your responsibility.

Can I reserve extra nights at the Bobcat Inn?

Nights outside of the Workshop dates can be reserved directly with the Bobcat Inn at the Terra Nova discount rate. Be SURE to REGISTER for the Workshop and receive your emailed Workshop Confirmation from clinics@terranovatrainingcenter.com before you contact the Bobcat, as we will be notifying them of each registration so they can assign rooms.  Let them know which Workshop you are participating in, and what type of room you selected with your workshop registration. For the extra nights, the Bobcat will try to accommodate you in the same or another room if possible.  IMPORTANT: The Bobcat Inn determines what the rate for extra nights will be.

Where is Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center?

Terra Nova is located about 20 minutes southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico, off US Hwy 285.

Facility address: 47 Ranch Road, Lamy, NM 87540.

Mailing address:7 Avenida Grande B7-504, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Who is Shawna Karrasch?

Shawna is a legend in the world of Positive Reinforcement Training with horses. She pioneered the use of targeting and bridging with horses, using the positive training techniques she learned from her years of experience training large marine mammals. Read more about Shawna!

Can I earn any form of accreditation for attending a Workshop or Clinic at Terra Nova?

Our 2020 First Level 5-Day Intensive Workshops are approved by Karen Pryor Academy for 27 KPA CEU’s. Email clinics@terranovatrainingcenter.com for a KPA CEU submission form.

Are you an equestrian professional who realizes that demand for Positive Reinforcement Training with horses is skyrocketing, while qualified R+ instructors are extremely scarce? A First Level Intensive Workshop will be the required foundation for our upcoming qualified instructor program.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.