Meet the Minis!

2019-11-03T21:26:48-07:00By |Blog|

At Terra Nova, we inherited a fully-functioning equestrian boarding facility from the previous owner. Part of this community included “The Minis,” our collective title for the 4 burros, 2 miniature horses and 2 goats who live together in the Mini-Pen.

Woodstock (left), Linus and […]

Not-So-Angry Birds!

2019-11-03T21:26:49-07:00By |Blog|

We weren’t sure it would work. We love the barn swallows that return every year to nest in the Main Barn. High up. Thirty feet high, on beams and wires that cross above the stalls, aisles and grooming bays. We welcome them (they eat tons of flies!) but we needed […]