Weekend Clinics

Laying Your Positive Foundation Weekend Foundation clinics are for everyone who loves and works with equines — from just-curious to experienced horse professionals. For newcomers, seeing a horse respond with intelligence and enthusiasm is a profound and eye-opening experience. Veterans of multiple clinics with Shawna discover something new and important every time. Each clinic is as unique as the equine and human participants.

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Photo by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

6 Day Intensive Workshops

Limited to 8 participants, Shawna’s Intensive Workshops are for those who want an immersive learning experience with Positive Reinforcement Training. Whether you bring your own horse or work with Terra Nova equines, we want you to go home feeling confident that you can apply your new R+ skills on your own. You’ll stay at a charming B&B and experience 5 hours each day of watching and participating in hands-on training and coaching, along with two evenings of dinner and discussion with Shawna.

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Photo of Shawna (top) by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

At Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center, we want to build a strong base of skilled practitioners and qualified instructors of positive reinforcement training for equines all over North America. We’ve also witnessed the profound psychological impact of reward-based training of an equine on the human trainer. It’s completely force-free, fun and deeply rewarding. We invite applications for financial assistance for the purpose of attending our clinics and workshops.

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