Terra Nova means “New Ground.”
New Place. New Concepts.

Photo by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

At Terra Nova, we believe that effective Positive Reinforcement Training can create happy, polite, confident horses for everyday pleasure. In addition, equestrian competitors in all disciplines can gain the advantage of partners that enjoy and understand their work, offering their best efforts willingly (not to mention calmly loading into a trailer to reach the competition!)

Positive Reinforcement Training is easy and enjoyable for the animal but can be quite challenging for the trainer. It’s not magic nor is it always simple. New concepts and skills can seem overwhelming. Those of us who have committed to using positive training know that just like traditional training, positive methods require education, patience, discipline, and practice. We also know the joy of participating with an enthusiastic equine partner that makes this journey worthwhile.

We stay positive for our human clients, too, asking everyone to maintain a kind, cheerful, judgment-free atmosphere among students, trainers, guests and boarders. With our horses’ welfare always foremost, we’re proud to honor and respect many different training goals. Here, our clients can observe outcomes and make informed training choices at their own pace.

Photo by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

Our goal at Terra Nova is to provide support for Positive Reinforcement Training in a safe, welcoming place. We recognize positive training as proven science and humane best-practice for our horses. We will provide learning opportunities for both equines and people, with the goal of creating closer connection and communication with our animals and bringing positive reinforcement into the mainstream of training for equestrian sports.

We believe our horses (and humans!) are worth the effort.