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Positive Reinforcement Novice Weekend Clinics in 2020

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Photo by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

Novice Weekend clinics are for everyone who loves and works with equines—from ‘just curious’ to experienced horse professionals. For newcomers to Positive Reinforcement Training (R+ training), seeing a horse respond with intelligence and enthusiasm is a profound and eye-opening experience. If you’re already familiar with R+, a Weekend Clinic is for you, too. Many people have attended multiple clinics with Shawna Karrasch, always discovering—or rediscovering—something new and important every time. Every clinic will be as unique as the equine and human participants.

You’ll gather on Friday afternoon for a buffet dinner and an introduction (or a refresher!) to what Positive Reinforcement Training is all about, the basic concepts and skills, and the many ways this type of training can solve problems and create motivation in your horse.

On Saturday morning, you’ll see R+ in action, with various demos ranging from jumping at liberty with experienced R+ horses, to problem-solving for veterinary and farrier procedures. After a picnic lunch, you’ll watch how Shawna starts out, teaching horses “manners” around food treats, and using targets to shape behavior.

On Sunday, you’ll have a chance to practice skills yourself over the course of the day. Handling a clicker and target isn’t as easy as it looks! Depending on the number and skill level of participants, you’ll work with an equine or human partner to learn timing and shaping skills. You can expect these to be short sessions of a few minutes at a time, which is the best way to engage in learning new physical skills. After a picnic lunch, more practice and a final Q&A with Shawna, you head home to find out just how smart your own horse really is!

Buffet dinner and 2 picnic lunches included.

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