We’re on the road to the future with a new name: Via Nova Training! Watch for us in Spring 2020!


We make positive reinforcement the priority in training. Our trainers Gilly Slayter and Shawna Karrasch work together to apply powerful, science-based, positive training methods, not only to improve motivation and performance in traditional equestrian pursuits, but to add joy and fun to the learning process for horses and their humans. Read Our Philosophy >


Experience intensive learning and practice with legendary positive-reinforcement trainer and behaviorist Shawna Karrasch. With guest housing and conference space under construction, dedicated R+ training paddocks and equines of many sizes and talents, Terra Nova hosts clinics, workshops and students in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more in our Calendar >


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Betsy S.

If you can go to one of these DO IT! Best experience EVER!  Betsy S.

Betsy S.

Patricia Lincourt, Lincourt Stables, Los Angeles

“Love the vision and experience of this lovely group of people at a top notch facility in Santa Fe. A week of training leaves me inspired and energized!” —Patricia Lincourt

Patricia Lincourt

Julie R.

“Shawna has a whole new perspective on the horses, and I have enjoyed working with her immensely. She adds a lot to what we are already doing with Gilly.” – Julie R.

Elizabeth U.

“Working with Shawna has been a tremendous help to my relationship with my horse. Now he is eager to work with me and it has improved his confidence tenfold.” – Elizabeth U.

Sandy C.

“Not only does Shawna understand my horse, she understands me. She trains BOTH of us with expertise and passion.” – Sandy C.

Evalyn B.

“It is such joy working with and watching Shawna. She has an indisputable knack for training but more than that, she is just a darned lovely person to be around.” – Evalyn B.



Terra Nova means ‘new ground’.  Our goal is to provide support for Positive Reinforcement Training in a safe, welcoming place.

We recognize Positive Reinforcement Training as proven science and humane best practice for our horses. Read our philosophy. >
Photos by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto